2014 Festival

42nd Annual Playwrights’ Platform Festival of New Plays

2014 Playwrights’ Platform Summer Festival

Series A: May 29 ,30, 31– 8:00pm

Series B: June 5, 6, 7 – 8:00pm

Series A

“My Tea With Cocoa” – Jack Rushton
“Invalid Diagnosis” – George Smart
“Growing Up” – Lawrence Kessenich
“Jack & Diane” – Amanda Russell-Bolio
“Solitude, Silence” – Geralyn Horton
“Loving Dick Cheney” – Vicki Meagher
“Hadron Collision Therapy” – Stefan Lanfer
“Kith and Tell” – Hortense Gerardo
“The Return” -Lumilda Anselm
Series B
“Long Time” – Lawrence Hennessy
“Signs” – Richard Westcott
“Business Lunch” – Carolyn Palo
“Pick One” – Ron Radice
“Home Invasion” – June Bowser-Barrett
 ”"License to Kill” – Sandra Weintraub
Stuck” -David Susman




At Boston Playwrights’ Theatre 949 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02466 (directions)

Tickets: $15 ($12 seniors, $10 students) To purchase tickets, visit Boston Playwrights’ Theatre http://www.bu.edu/bpt/ and click the Calendar & Tickets tab, or call 866-811-4111.


Each year in March a Playwrights’ Platform committee selects a vibrant variety of member scripts to be produced in our annual June showcase. These new short plays include comedies and dramas performed by our talented Actors-in-Residence — Boston area actors of all ages who perform our plays throughout the year. Each play has its own director, selected by the playwright, from a pool of well known and talented directors from the Boston area.

Audience members participate in the festivities by voting for their favorite plays and actors after each performance. Our festival culminates in a popular Awards Ceremony where we honor Audience Choice for Best Actor, Best Actress,  Best Director and for each series. We sell out, so get your tickets early!

George Smart

About George Smart

George Smart is a Boston based playwright who has been writing for the past five years. A social worker by day, he enjoys exploring the world as seen from a gay perspective in his writing. Read his full bio here.