Some of our playwright members are shown below.

Amy Mevorach

Amy Mevorach has been a member of the Playwrights’ Platform since 2015.

Charlie Edwin Fisher

Charlie has been a member of the Platform since 2014. He has had readings and performances of his works in playwriting festivals locally and in different parts of the country. His play “The Phlebotomist” has been performed in festivals in Sydney Australia, Boston, New York City and San Diego, CA. Charlie is a graduate from [...]

Christopher King

Christopher King photo

Chris enjoys finding a home at Playwrights’ Platform, where the depth of talent is impressive and the feedback from other playwrights so insightful. Chris began penning plays after college with S.P.A.C. a short play about student protests. For many years his primary scripting was for educational videos and recordings. In the last decade he has taken [...]

Dan Bancroft

Bio Photo

Dan’s first play, “Five Guns, Four Bullets,” was highlighted in New York Magazine when it was performed in the 2006 8 Minute Madness Festival in NYC. It was seen again in September 2007 as part of the Mill City Minutes Festival in Lowell, Massachusetts. His short play, “Choices,” won the Audience Choice award for Best [...]

George Smart

George Smart is the CEO of Smartguy Productions Inc. He is a Boston based playwright who’s fourteen 10 minute plays have been produced in Boston, Chicago and Minneapolis. The plays include “IDWYT”; “Bottom And The Big Bad Bat”,  “You Don’t?”, “A Dog and His Boys”, “It Doesn’t”,  “Suicide Help Line”, “The Worrier and the Not”, [...]

Geralyn (G.L.) Horton

Geralyn Horton has been a member of Playwrights’ Platform and written and directed and acted in plays for longer than she cares to recall — mostly in church basements. Horton’s writing career high point may have been the summer of 1990, when her play set in a Boston aborton clinic, Under Siege (aka Choices) was [...]

Greg Hovanesian

Greg Hovanesian has been a member of the Playwrights’ Platform since 2015.  His works have been produced and developed by Boston Actors Theater, Boston Playwrights’ Theatre, Generic Theater, The Players’ Ring, Ya Bird? Productions and the Playwrights’ Platform.  His play Water won Best Play at the Playwrights’ Platform 2016 Festival of New Plays (Boston Playwrights’ [...]

Hortense F. Gerardo – Board Chairperson

Hortense F. Gerardo photo

Hortense Gerardo is a playwright, screenwriter and Associate Professor of Anthropology and Performing Arts at Lasell College. Recent works include: 2017: INFINITE CORRIDOR  at the Performance Mix Festival in NYC 2016: DEATH IN VENICE BEACH at The Boston Play Cafe Readings 2015: THE ENGAGEMENT at the Playwrights Platform Festival 2014: SHADOW|PROOF HOUSE at the Spadina Museum as part of Scotiabank Nuit [...]

Istvan Ver

Ludmila Anselm

Ludmila Anselm photo

Ludmila Anselm was born in Siberia, where she lived through the war and studied until entering Leningrad State University. She graduated in 1956 and did research in solid state physics for many years until she decided she was more interested in theater than in atoms. She has been living in Boston since 1997. She is [...]

Margaret Gooch

Margaret Gooch joined the Playwrights’ Platform in the fall of 2015.

Margie Semilof

Margie Semilof is a Boston-based playwright and journalist. In 2017, her short play Saving Face  was produced as part of the Firehouse Center for the Arts New Works Festival in Newburyport, MA. Her short play, Baggage Claim, was produced by Theater East in New York and at Image Theater/ Fem Noire. And The Magic of [...]

Marika Barnett

Marika Barnett photo

Marika Barnett was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1934. A survivor of the Holocaust, she escaped Hungary as a young college student after Soviet troops crushed the anti-communist revolution of 1956. A published photographer, she is currently working on her book: “Beauty and Dignity in the Slums of India”. In 1967 the Harvard Film Club [...]

Mark LeDoux

Mark LeDoux is a long-time consultant on strategy and operations to non-profit organizations and companies nationwide. A lifelong participant in the arts – piano, voice, theater – he has researched and written his first full-length play “Jack & Joe – Two Fathers Aglow!” about famous fathers-in-law Jack Bouvier and Joe Kennedy. In 2014, Mark attended the playwriting workshop at [...]

Nancy Temple

Nancy Temple has a varied background in the arts. Her graduate work was in Art History, Design, and Arts Administration. She has been a tapestry weaver, a commercial space planner, and a design instructor at various Boston-area colleges. She has been writing plays since 2015. “Stone in the Water” was performed by the Image Theater [...]

Pamela Newton

Pamela Newton photo

Pamela Newton is a choreographer and playwright.  In addition to teaching choreography and stage movement, she has been choreographer and movement advisor for many theatrical productions at Boston College.  Pam co-developed Dreaming Shakespeare with director John Houchin using improvisation, self-texting, and storytelling in a reconstructed script.  She recently spent two years focusing on play development [...]

Patti Cassidy


Patti Cassidy wrote her first play on a dare in a Mexican border town in southern Arizona. It played to packed houses for a full weekend. She never got over it. Since then her plays have been produced from Sacramento, CA to Williamstown, MA.  She now both writes plays and produces a local TV show [...]

Richard Westcott

Richard Wescott photo

Richard Westcott has recently renewed his playwright ambitions. The Image Theater in Lowell, MA read the 10 minute plays “CAULK” and “BACHELOR PARTY” in their 2010 Naughty Readings. “CAULK” was then fully produced by The Provincetown Players as part of their 2011 Spring Festival. In addition to writing, Richard has acted in Northeastern University’s Silver [...]

Ron Radice

Ron Radice photo

After studying with Neil McKenzie, Obie winner at Bard College, Ron’s first play, “Pickpocket”, was written in 1969 and produced in Woodstock, NY by the Performing Arts of Woodstock in March 1970. It went on to win awards at various small theater competitive venues. In 1972, the play was produced by the New York Theater [...]

Ronny Almog

Ronny Almog joined the Playwrights’ Platform in the fall of 2015.

Roy Olesky

Roy Olesky has been a member of the Playwrights’ Platform since 2015.

Sandra Weintraub

After a career as a psychologist in industry, I began writing stage plays about five years ago, after the publication of a non-fiction book,The Hidden Intelligence, Innovation through Intuition. Within the last four years, I have had plays produced in Boston, Boca Raton and San Francisco among other venues. Currently working on screenplays and stage plays.

Scott Welty / Resident Photographer

If there is one through line in Scott Welty’s life it is playwriting. From the time his parent’s trundled him off to Lakewood Little Theatre’s Children’s Theatre and up to the present Scott has been writing plays. While in his teens, from his scenario, Scott co-wrote with Ed Dee and Cathy Theobald the children’s play [...]

Seamus (Jim) Lucason

An award winning playwright with several plays produced in Ireland and America, Jim Lucason has been a member of the Playwrights’ Platform since 2016. Here are some samples of how his work has been described: William Gibson: “Lucason’s tongue is gifted with a kind of Irish gayety, witty and charming.” Norman Mailer: “To declare that [...]

Sherri Stepakoff

Sherri Stepakoff has been a member of the Playwrights’ Platform since 2016.

Sherry Alpert

Single Again is Sherry Alpert’s first play. She took a playwriting course with nationally acclaimed playwright Kirsten Greenidge at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education in Cambridge, MA, and has been working with Greenidge in subsequent revisions. Alpert has also taken several fiction writing courses, including advanced creative writing in the MFA program at Emerson College. [...]

Stefan Lanfer

Stefan Lanfer has been a member of the Playwrights’ Platform since 2012, and served as president during the group’s 2014-15 to 2015-16 seasons. Stefan’s plays include Hadron Collision Therapy (Boston Theatre Marathon, FRESH PRODUCE’d, NYC), Helicopter Parents for Hire (Playwrights’ Platform, Vermont Playwrights Circle), Cry, The Beloved Country (Book-It Repertory Theatre), Gary Grinkle’s Battles with [...]

Vicki Meagher

Vicki on the Avalon Trail original

Vicki Meagher is Treasurer of the Playwrights’ Platform. She began writing plays in 2013 after a 30-year career as a technical writer and many years writing short stories, screenplays, and an unfinished novel. She spends her time writing full-length plays.