Board Members

The Board of Directors functions as the governing body of the Platform, and consists of an Executive Committee and at-large members.

The President is responsible for over-all governing and decision-making. When necessary, the Vice President assumes these same duties. The Treasurer is responsible for collecting dues and managing the Platform’s financial resources. The Secretary oversees the scheduling of readings and events.

The Board meets five to six times during the year, generally for an hour before one of the scheduled readings.

New Board members are the lifeblood of the organization, and we are pleased with the election of new members Andrea Aptecker and David Beardsley. Might you be Interested in joining? Ask Greg Hovanesian or any of the current members to learn more about roles, responsibilities and expectations.  Yes, it’s some time and a little work, yet it’s for a cause to which we are all committed.  We aim to have some fun, too.

Executive Committee:

President: Greg Hovanesian
Vice President: David Beardsley
Treasurer: Vicki Meagher
Secretary: Lawrence Kessenich
Chairman: Margie Semilof

At Large Board Members:

Andrea Aptecker
Geralyn Horton
Eric Skoglund

K.M. Sorenson