Paul V. Walsh

Paul is active in stage work, film, and voiceover. He has worked with Playwrights’ Platform since 2018. In 2018, he worked with Kate Grey in The Onion Patch and Andrea Aptecker in Goodnight Spouse. In November, 2018, he performed in four separate short plays at the CCAE “Evening of New Plays”, as an English Doctor, amorous professor, bitter husband and comedic, spider loving goofball (in plays written by Jane Grey, Don Gervich, Kristen Gately, and Nancy Temple). In 2019, he performed for Lawrence Kessenich in The Patient & Six Adams, Vicki Meagher in Camp Wonder, Ron Radice in You Are What You Are (at the PP festival).  In 2020, he worked again with Lawrence Kessenich in The Fool On The Hill. In 2021, he worked with Kay Bullard in Chipped and Ben Scranton in Field Trip at the PP festival. In 2022, I worked again with Vicki Meagher on The Mind Has Legs and Susan Dworkin on Farm Bill.

If interested, here is a YouTube video of his film drama reel:

And here is a YouTube video of his comedy drama reel:

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