Sherry Alpert

Single Again is Sherry Alpert’s first play.

She took a playwriting course with nationally acclaimed playwright Kirsten Greenidge at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education in Cambridge, MA, and has been working with Greenidge in subsequent revisions. Alpert has also taken several fiction writing courses, including advanced creative writing in the MFA program at Emerson College. She attended both the Bread Loaf and Bennington Writers Conferences and has written three novels.

Alpert has been involved with Playwrights’ Platform for two years, and her play has benefited from two staged readings with the organization.

She has worked as a journalist and a public relations practitioner and consultant over the past 31 years and continues public relations consulting and writing today.

More important, Alpert is a lifelong theatergoer with a provocative sense of humor, which has given her a significant education about playwriting, comedy writing, timing and economical staging. That, in concert with having 100-plus post-divorce dates and several relationships under her belt, as well as the courage to expose the vulnerabilities we all share, should engross an audience in Single Again.