2009 Festival

Series A – June 11, 12, 13

ENVIA! – At Work & Play

Kelly DuMar

If you won’t tell ENVIA! your zip code, will you at least let her guess? Whether she’s auditioning for your show, ringing up your purchase, offering you a free sample of perfume in the mall or a second opinion in a doctor’s office, ENVIA!’s comic monologues will inspire you to lighten up, laugh, and live more creatively – now!

So Far, So Good

Hortense Gerardo

Two brothers captured in photos stay cool under the white-hot heat of posterity.

Angela & Her Dad

George Matry Masselam

Angela seeks to save her alcoholic father who is living on the streets of Boston. He doesn’t want to be saved. Which of them needs salvation more?

Home for Christmas

William Miller

The holidays find a family in a period of transition. A tragedy in the recent past has changed them once; now time and distance are forcing them to reevaluate how they feel.

Just Some Fatherly Advice

Scott Welty

As they watch the game on TV, a father gives his son some unsolicited but long thought out advice.


Randomness of Nature

Lynne S. Brandon

Will falling in love with the wrong person end the career of a great college basketball coach?

Del Mar

Judith Plummer

Desperate and on the run, Joe finds refuge on Del Mar beach with the lovely Ingenie, but forces conspire against these unlikely lovers.

Misha Chekov

Ludmilla Anselm

Sixty-five year old actor and his wife discuss their life. The fate of a famous Russian actor in America.


Ron Radice

Long after midnight atop a river’s bridge, the reflecting city lights tease your desires and hopes – they’ll come true if you want them to.


Peter M. Floyd

A couple find that they seem to have been living in different histories.

Series B – June 18, 19, 20

Write Something For Me

Robert Boulrice

A delightful bit of physical comedy with aspects of the tragic, a bit of seduction, and even a surprise at the end.


Ron Pullins

In this monologue a woman is a compulsive maker of lists and, now that she has committed the most horrendous crime a woman can commit, reading from her list gives her strength, helps her steel her nerves so she can emerge from this moment of horror, and act surprised.


Dan Bancroft

A dying man’s love of cigarettes and Lauren Bacall.


Don Tongue

When a frustrated playwright gives up, what happens to his characters who are trapped in his unfinished play with nothing but a cellphone, a pencil, and the unfinished script. The characters are left to figure out their world and eventually they learn how to control it.


Boy Meets Girl

Michael Quint

Imagine you’re 50 and dating – you’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound… but of mind… and no sex. The Twilight Zone? Not quite – 10 minutes of verbal madcap lunacy as 4 characters regale their confidants with the events (or non-events) of the night before.

Love at First Sight

Bruno Alterescu

Two women, one man. A dream. Loves, kisses, jealousy, betrayal, doubt, a promise and maybe some subdued laughs.

Class Act

Holly L. Jensen

Stacey and Bailey are high school sweethearts until a Shakespearean sonnet drives them apart in a way that no one imagined.

Her Honor

Ellen Davis Sullivan

Evidence is on ice and the Mayor is losing her cool.


Lydia Bruce and Sandy Burns

When glasnost confronts consumerist excess, can ‘boom-boom’ win the battle?