Actors in Residence

The Playwrights’ Platform Actors in Residence (AiR) program is comprised of a troupe of actors dedicated to helping playwrights develop and improve new work.  From the Playwrights’ Platform website, members can locate the right individual for a role and contact them directly.  Actors can be used for both readings and productions outside of Playwrights’ Platform.

For more information, contact June Bowser-Barrett at


Mission Statement

To establish a highly talented, multi-cultural, age-diverse and cohesive group of actors who are readily available to serve playwrights in the development of their plays for readings and productions, and to create an ongoing workshop environment for actors to gain breadth of experience and networking to foster their acting talent and careers.

Playwright Benefits

  • Readily available actors of the sex, age, and race to fit their roles.
  • The opportunity to work closely with certain actors for multiple readings of the same script to develop roles in an informative, collaborative way.
  • Trust that the actors they request will show up to perform.
  • Feedback from the actors about role development.
  • Increased ability to cast the best actors for festivals and production.
  • To establish long-term relationships with actors for mutual benefit.


Actor Benefits

  • Establish a reputation that demonstrates your range of talent to the theater community.
  • Network with playwrights whose work is produced in a variety of Boston-area festivals and venues.
  • Gain exposure through your headshot and biography posted on and benefit from all Playwrights’ Platform marketing.
  • Network with directors.
  • Network with other talented actors who can recommend them for roles.
  • Develop their craft in public performances.
  • Gain valuable feedback and validation for growth and development.
  • Gain on-the-spot acting experience.
  • Learn how to work effectively with playwrights and directors.
  • Try on roles before making a commitment to work on a play.
  • Collaborate directly with playwrights to make great plays.
  • Perform in front of Boston audiences.


Meet Our Actors

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