Sara Dion


Age range: 13 to 35


Sara did her first acting with her middle school drama club, and has been in love with the art ever since. After a hiatus from it in her early 20s, Sara has been back in the Boston-area community theatre scene for the last 2 years. She has primarily performed in 10-minute play festivals recently, with Theatre@First (the role of “Mary” in the play “Mother Goose’s Grave”), Chameleon’s Dish (the role of “Karen” in the play “Hop to It”), and Hovey Players (the role of “Mom” in “Swimming in Captivity”, the role of “Person A” in “Don’t Break Waves”, and the role of “Violet” in “A Monogamy of Swans”). She has also played the role of “Krecker” in the Post-Meridian Radio Playersproduction of “The Four Chaplains,” and played several roles in their “Tomes of Terror: Campfire Tales,” including a computer programmer, a ditzy teenage girl, a tough teenage girl, an acid-tripping teenage girl, and a demon. She also works with Chameleon’s Dish on the serial theatre work “Mrs. Hawking,” in which she has played a variety of small roles.

Sara lives in Somerville with her amazingly adorable cat Snuggle, and works as an elementary school English Learners teacher by day.

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