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Playwrights’ Platform 49th Festival of New Plays Starts June 1!
The 2021 festival takes place on Zoom Webinar, providing a safe platform that can be accessed around the world.  This year, we will present 12 plays, one play each day at 7PM (EST), from June 1 to June 13 (no show on June 7).  The schedule of plays is below.

To watch the festival, click HERE!

Although there is no charge to watch, the festival is a fundraiser for the Theatre Community Benevolent Fund. We hope you can support this worthy cause.

Festival of New Plays

Festival of New Plays

Watch our festival HERE!  June 1-6 & 8-13 at 7pm.   Schedule of Plays:

  • Tues, June 1: Corona Came Calling by Barbara Lewis, directed by Dayenne Walters
  • Wed, June 2: Rebirth in Boston by Vicki Meagher, directed by Sally Nutt
  • Thur, June 3: Swing and a Miss by L.H. Finigan, directed by Lynda Robinson
  • Fri, June 4: Field Trip by Ben Scranton, directed by Kyle Porter
  • Sat, June 5: National Poetry Month by Susan Sinnott, directed by Sammi Elefant
  • Sun, June 6: I Was Supposed to Marry Sheldon Rosensweig by Roberta Kosberg, directed by Katie Suchyta
  • Tues, June 8: Calling Hours by William Ivers, directed by J. Deschene
  • Wed, June 9: This Halloween is for the Ladies! by Andrea Aptecker, directed by Eric Cheung
  • Thur, June 10: Mom’s Poetry Book by Margie Semilof, directed by Joe Antoun
  • Fri, June 11: Every Creeping Thing by David Beardsley, directed by Shira Helena Gitlin
  • Sat, June 12: Occupied Countries by Jack Rushton, directed by Katie Suchyta
  • Sun, June 13: Holding Pattern by Karla Sorenson, directed by Samantha Bestvina

At Playwrights’ Platform, hear your work read by skilled actors at regularly-scheduled meetings and obtain thoughtful and courteous feedback.  Network with playwrights, actors, and directors in a supportive environment that is open to all.  Currently, readings take place on Zoom.  Go to CALENDAR for details.

While readings are open to the public, you must become a member to have a play read and to take advantage of other benefits, including the yearly FESTIVAL and the ACTORS IN RESIDENCE program. For information, go to MEMBERSHIPNew! A discount is available for students in high school or degree programs.

In addition to regular readings, Playwrights’ Platform presents Quickies, short (max 12 minutes) play readings with a special theme.  Check the CALENDAR for dates and more information.

Playwrights’ Platform supports justice for BIPOC.  We hope that this support, combined with a continuation of the arts, will not only help our nation heal, but will lead us to a better place, where all of our citizens are treated equally and where democracy is truly democracy.

Playwrights’ Platform is a non-profit, Boston-area cooperative of playwrights, directors, and resident actors. Since 1973, Playwrights’ Platform has helped develop new theater by providing a forum to explore the process of creating dramatic work.

To learn more about plays written by Playwrights’ Platform members, books of plays featured in past festivals are available on