We are on Zoom – and in person!   Member play readings are on Zoom, from 7 to 9 pm EST, on the second Wednesday of each month.  We are also reading member plays in person.

After each play reading, there is a discussion period.  Please keep comments respectful and succinct.  The time allotted for comments is limited.

Prior to a Zoom meeting, the Zoom meeting ID and passcode are emailed to the Playwrights’ Platform email list.

Zoom Meetings are for shorter works or excerpts of 15 minutes or less.  We can generally fit 3 or 4 writers in a two-hour evening. First come, first served. Casting is to be done by the writer. To reserve a spot, email the details to June Bowser-Barrett and Erin McGinley- play title and length in pages, the script if you have it, and any other relevant information. If you need to have your play read at a certain time in the evening due to actors’ commitments, please coordinate with the other writers on the bill. Neither June nor Erin will coordinate with other writers on the bill. Neither June nor Erin will know the other casts’ time constraints. All playwrights whose work is being read are requested to stay for the entire meeting.

Upcoming Zoom Meeting Dates:

Monday, Feb. 12 (to accommodate Valentine’s Day!)

Wednesday, March 13

Wednesday, April 10

Wednesday, May 8

LONGER PLAYS will be read IN PERSON in the Harter Room, First Church, 11 Garden St., Cambridge, MA, on the following dates:

Tuesday, Feb. 20, Penny Kines

Monday, Mar. 7, George Smart “Enough”

Tuesday, Apr. 16, Lawrence Kessenich

Tuesday, May 21, Marge Kaplan