Yearly Festival of Member Plays

Each year, Playwrights Platform presents a festival of short plays written by members and selected by independent readers. Plays are solicited in the spring and submitted anonymously. The festival takes place in June. Playwrights produce their own plays with the assistance of Playwrights’ Platform, often utilizing the Actors in Residence program. When possible, awards are presented for Best Play, Best Actress, Best Actor, and Best Director, as determined by a panel of judges.

2021 Festival

Playwrights’ Platform is gearing up for its 49th Festival of New Plays!

The 2021 festival will take place on Zoom Webinar, providing a safe platform that can be accessed around the world.  This year, we will present 12 plays, one play each day, from June 1 to June 13 at 7PM (EST) (no show on June 7).  To watch the festival, click HERE!

Here are the playwrights, plays, and schedule:

  • Tues, June 1: Corona Came Calling by Barbara Lewis, directed by Dayenne Walters, starring Thomika Bridwell
  • Wed, June 2: Rebirth in Boston by Vicki Meagher, directed by Sally Nutt, starring Pamela Batten-Sacks and Steve Sacks
  • Thur, June 3: Swing and a Miss by L.H. Finigan, directed by Lynda Robinson,  starring Lily Narbonne, Justin Genna, and Richard McElvain.
  • Fri, June 4: Field Trip by Ben Scranton, directed by Kyle Porter, starring Lida McGirr and Paul Walsh
  • Sat, June 5: National Poetry Month by Susan Sinnott, directed by Sammi Elefant, starring Amy O’Neill, Ryan Sanft, Marcy McCrudden, Donna Sorbello, and Julia Soyer
  • Sun, June 6: I Was Supposed to Marry Sheldon Rosensweig by Roberta Kosberg, directed by Katie Suchyta, starring Molly Weinberg
  • Tues, June 8: Calling Hours by William Ivers, directed by J. Deschene, starring Gina Fonseca, Maryanne Cartier, and Lou Fuoco
  • Wed, June 9: This Halloween is for the Ladies! by Andrea Aptecker, directed by Eric Cheung, starring Andrea Lyman and Liz Eng
  • Thur, June 10: Mom’s Poetry Book by Margie Semilof, directed by Joe Antoun, starring Alison Wachtler and Robert D. Murphy
  • Fri, June 11: Every Creeping Thing by David Beardsley, directed by Shira Helena Gitlin, starring Natajia Sconiers, Inés de la Cruz, Carly Watson, Eric Skoglund, and Dave DiLillo
  • Sat, June 12: Occupied Countries by Jack Rushton, directed by Katie Suchyta, starring Lis Adams and Dave DiLillo
  • Sun, June 13: Holding Pattern by Karla Sorenson, directed by Samantha Bestvina, starring Sara Rae Brown, Lynda Vernalia, and Eric Skoglund

Past Festivals