2014 Festival

42nd Annual Playwrights’ Platform Festival of New Plays

2014 Playwrights’ Platform Summer Festival

Series A: May 29 ,30, 31– 8:00pm

Series B: June 5, 6, 7 – 8:00pm

Series A

“My Tea With Cocoa” – Jack Rushton
“Invalid Diagnosis” – George Smart
“Growing Up” – Lawrence Kessenich
“Jack & Diane” – Amanda Russell-Bolio
“Solitude, Silence” – Geralyn Horton
“Loving Dick Cheney” – Vicki Meagher
“Hadron Collision Therapy” – Stefan Lanfer
“Kith and Tell” – Hortense Gerardo
“The Return” -Lumilda Anselm
Series B
“Long Time” – Lawrence Hennessy
“Signs” – Richard Westcott
“Business Lunch” – Carolyn Palo
“Pick One” – Ron Radice
“Home Invasion” – June Bowser-Barrett
“License to Kill” – Sandra Weintraub
“Stuck” -David Susman




At Boston Playwrights’ Theatre 949 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02466 (directions)

Tickets: $15 ($12 seniors, $10 students) To purchase tickets, visit Boston Playwrights’ Theatre http://www.bu.edu/bpt/ and click the Calendar & Tickets tab, or call 866-811-4111.


Each year in March a Playwrights’ Platform committee selects a vibrant variety of member scripts to be produced in our annual June showcase. These new short plays include comedies and dramas performed by our talented Actors-in-Residence — Boston area actors of all ages who perform our plays throughout the year. Each play has its own director, selected by the playwright, from a pool of well known and talented directors from the Boston area.

George Smart

About George Smart

George Smart is a Boston based playwright who has been writing for the past five years. A social worker by day, he enjoys exploring the world as seen from a gay perspective in his writing. Read his full bio here.