2021 Festival

Playwrights’ Platform 49th Festival of New Plays!
At the 2021 festival,  Playwrights’ Platform presented 12 plays on Zoom Webinar, one play each day, from June 1 to June 13 at 7PM (EST) (no show on June 7).

Festival of New Plays

Playwrights, plays, and schedule are shown below.

  • Tues, June 1: Corona Came Calling by Barbara Lewis, directed by Dayenne Walters, starring Thomika Bridwell
  • Wed, June 2: Rebirth in Boston by Vicki Meagher, directed by Sally Nutt, starring Pamela Batten-Sacks and Steve Sacks
  • Thur, June 3: Swing and a Miss by L.H. Finigan, directed by Lynda Robinson,  starring Lily Narbonne, Justin Genna, and Richard McElvain.
  • Fri, June 4: Field Trip by Ben Scranton, directed by Kyle Porter, starring Lida McGirr and Paul Walsh
  • Sat, June 5: National Poetry Month by Susan Sinnott, directed by Sammi Elefant, starring Amy O’Neill, Ryan Sanft, Marcy McCrudden, Donna Sorbello, and Julia Soyer
  • Sun, June 6: I Was Supposed to Marry Sheldon Rosensweig by Roberta Kosberg, directed by Katie Suchyta, starring Molly Weinberg
  • Tues, June 8: Calling Hours by William Ivers, directed by J. Deschene, starring Gina Fonseca, Maryanne Cartier, and Lou Fuoco
  • Wed, June 9: This Halloween is for the Ladies! by Andrea Aptecker, directed by Eric Cheung, starring Andrea Lyman and Liz Eng
  • Thur, June 10: Mom’s Poetry Book by Margie Semilof, directed by Joe Antoun, starring Alison Wachtler and Robert D. Murphy
  • Fri, June 11: Every Creeping Thing by David Beardsley, directed by Shira Helena Gitlin, starring Natajia Sconiers, Inés de la Cruz, Carly Watson, Eric Skoglund, and Dave DiLillo
  • Sat, June 12: Occupied Countries by Jack Rushton, directed by Katie Suchyta, starring Lis Adams and Dave DiLillo
  • Sun, June 13: Holding Pattern by Karla M. Sorenson, directed by Samantha Bestvina, starring Sara Rae Brown, Lynda Vernalia, and Eric Skoglund