Geralyn (G.L.) Horton

Geralyn Horton has been a member of Playwrights’ Platform and written and directed and acted in plays for longer than she cares to recall — mostly in church basements. Horton’s writing career high point may have been the summer of 1990, when her play set in a Boston aborton clinic, Under Siege (aka Choices) was picked for the Sundance Lab, and she rubbed shoulders with Tony Kushner and Richard Schenkkan. Her acting high points include appearing at the 1989 Edinburgh Fringe in Martha Mitchell, a musical monologue about the loud-mouth wife of Nixon’s Attorney General written for her by Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro; and in supporting roles in the American premieres of Rona Munro’s Bold Girls, Marina Carr’s Portia Coughlan and Liz Lockhead’s Perfect Days, all at the Sugan Theatre. Horton is also a Marathoner– in 1999 she directed Eliza Wyatt’s Marathon script Chronic Competition at the Boston Center for the Arts; in 2000 she ran in the role of a centenarian Irish sodomite in Aidan Parkinson’s play 10 minute play The News during the Boston Playwrights Marathon, and two of her own scripts, Beyond Measure and the mini-opera Lullaby, appeared in Marathons 2000 & 2002. Dozens of Horton’s play scripts — most of them workshopped at Playwrights’ Platform or premiered at the Platform’s Annual Festival of New Plays — are published on her web site at Through the Internet and the International Centre for Women Playwrights, Horton has had productions of her work in England, Ireland, France, Italy, Greece, New Zealand, India, and South Africa; and more than 150 productions in high schools and colleges in the USA, mostly instigated by students who find her plays on the web.