Scott Welty / Resident Photographer

If there is one through line in Scott Welty’s life it is playwriting. From the time his parent’s trundled him off to Lakewood Little Theatre’s Children’s Theatre and up to the present Scott has been writing plays. While in his teens, from his scenario, Scott co-wrote with Ed Dee and Cathy Theobald the children’s play Elftrek. The play received three separate productions in his home state of Ohio. In college, Scott wrote comedy sketches for his friends at Kent State Theatre Dept. With Noah Buddin, Scott also wrote for a soap opera produced by the Telecommunications Dept. For a few years after college Scott wrote sketch comedy for Cleveland comedy troupe The Group. Scott moved away from theatre in the late 1980’s but never stopped writing. To him, writing is like breathing. In early 1990s rolled around Scott decided to tackle longer forms then the sketch. He also branched out into dramas. Scott twice took Kate Snodgrass’s playwriting class at Harvard Extension. In 1995 he completed his first full length play, The Seven Deadly Sins Have Breakfast at Friendlys. Other plays include the drama Muse; the comedy What Would Debbie Do?; the one-act drama Borders; the one-act comedy Rusty The Dog: Episode 178 – Jimmy Down the Well; the one-act drama What Time Is It?; and the one-act comedy Our Relationship Is In The Toilet; Our Toilet Is In The Relationship. He joined Playwrights’ Platform in October of 2005.